Andy Hasse

Andy Hasse is a producer, director, and composer. He heads the music and video production group, Globemedia, and the web services firm, hasse, inc.™

Hasse holds a Baccalaureate in Commodity Aesthetics from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina, School of the Arts. He has also attended Oberlin College and Oberlin Conservatory, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, UCLA's Anderson School of Management, and the Sorbonne, Paris.

In 1995, Hasse became an innovator on the worldwide web with launch of the web services firm hasse, inc. which has since produced major online environments, and award-winning websites for dozens of non-profits, corporations, and individuals. Microsoft hired Hasse to produce interfaces for Outlook, the best selling communications software in the world. Amazon, Sony Music, various political groups, and other organizations consult with Hasse for usability and other web presense concerns.

In 1996, Hasse founded Globemedia® a music, film, and multimedia production group that continues to innovate convergence methods for the production, licensing, and distribution of new music and digital video. Hasse has worked on many film projects involving such innovators as Spalding Gray, Eric Bogosian, Margaret Cho, John Waters, Spike Lee, Gus Van Sant, and William Gazecki. Currently Hasse is directing a documentary on Human Mating.
Andy Hasse has been invited to speak at several universities and colleges on the issue of free speech online, which became an important concern for him after he investigated the questionable history of the Internet governing organization, ICANN, (the Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Names and Numbers), during a domain dispute case which he eventually won.

Also, Hasse has devoted extensive time to public service. He was a pioneer of effective AIDS/HIV education in the early 1990's when he founded the national nonprofit FTA, Film Trailers on AIDS, and for five years worked with leading activists, health care officials, celebrities, and politicians worldwide to produce effective safe-sex public service announcements. More recently, Hasse has consulted pro-bono for several environmental non-profits, including Greenpeace, and Partnerships for Change.

Finally, Andy Hasse has been a singer-songwriter for many years (with performances in the U.S. and Europe),
a composer (for film and modern dance).
You can reach him
via email at andy [at] (please put something relevant in the subject heading) and mind the challenge-response spam filter.

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